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Do You Need A Mobile App For Your Business?

I own a restaurant and I am always looking for ways to reach my customers and to send them offers. I use direct mail, and email marketing and have seen a recent decline in engagement from these sources.

I got a call from this company called Bright Apps in Los Angeles and they talked to me about getting a mobile app created for my restaurant. At first I thought having an app wouldn’t really work for my business, but after talking with them I quickly realized that the mobile app marketing is the way to go.

Marketing With Mobile Apps and Push Notifications.

With mobile apps, you can send out Push Notifications to your customers that have downloaded your app. These messages go straight to the cell phone of my customers and I have seen over 90% deliver ability in my all my messages going out to them.

So if I am slow on a weeknight, I can blast out a message to anyone who has downloaded my app and who is in a 5 mile radius of my restaurant. This is huge! I was able to send out a buy one get one free offer, and immediately got a huge response from my clientele.

You can also put in loyalty cards inside your app. These are like those old school punch cards, where if you purchase 6 items at regular price and then get the 7th one free. Everyone has their phone with them at all times, so these loyalty cards will get used more often and your customers will love you for it.

You can also have an appointment calendar so those customers that have your app can make reservations, and book a table and also order food with 1-click of a button.

Of course, you can add your social profiles and other websites that make the app connect with your existing website and also any other social media you have online. With a mobile app, you have the ability to run the app on a mobile device so the app is very fast and easy to navigate through with is much better that going to a website and trying to sort through all the content just to find out what you want.

I was hesitant at first to join the mobile app crowd for my business, but I’m glad that I did because everything is moving towards digital and we are seeing a tremendous up-tick in repeat business and also new customers finding us.

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