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Video and Getting Leads

Are you using youtube to get leads?

So many times when I speak with entrepreneurs, they always ask how they can get more traffic and leads.

Have you tried videos on youtube? Most of them say no, or yeah but that didn’t work.

Youtube has billions of views a day and it is easier than ever to get your video to rank high and get people to watch it.

The problem is that most videos are bad and are too long or too boring. The best videos are the ones that engage the watcher within the first 10 seconds, and then hold their attention to the end of the video.

So how do we hold their attention?

The easiest and most effective way to keep their attention, is to work on the editing of your video.

Of course the content of the video has to be decent, but sometimes just having a static camera that doesn’t move can be boring.

It’s really easy to change to energy of the video by adding some quick cuts and fast moving cuts to other elements to keep the brain excited and engaged without wanting to move on to another video.

Start with asking a question at the beginning of the video. Then show some examples of pictures or shots that relate to what the question was about.