How to attract new customers with postcards and a list

Postcards are fast regaining popularity as one of the most effective ways to market to clients. This is because postcards get attention and more people are responding to offers that they receive through them. This is mainly because a lot of people read postcards when they get them, given that the postcards do not come in envelopes and they can be read at a glance. By coming up with a great postcard campaign and mailing it to the right list of people, you can generate a lot of leads for your business. Here are some ways in which using a postcard with an offer and a mailing list can get you an increased response rate from your marketing campaigns.

Cool postcard ideas

Including an offer in your postcard will prompt your audience to respond fast to your messages. This is because they know that they will get something in return if they reply. This will cause a lot of people to take action immediately instead of deferring their response to another time, which may result in them forgetting to respond at all. Some special offers to include are a special bonus or a discount that is limited to a certain time period.

You have to show your customers what action they need to take in order to get the offer you promised them. Do not assume that they know what to do. This means that you should include a call to action message in the cards. For instance, you can tell your customers to call you, visit your store, email you or go to your website. Letting your audience know what to do next in case they are interested in your offer will help them to respond appropriately and not get confused about what to do.

Sending your postcards to the right people is essential if you want to get  a response. Only send information to people who are interested in your offer. This will increase the likelihood of getting a response. Purchase a mailing list of prospects from a reputable list broker. %LINK3% A good list includes a contact list of real people and not generic mailing addresses. The details of the prospects should have been narrowed down, so as to enable you to target the right people. For instance, the list should have details of which state or town the recipients reside in, their interests, work places and job titles.

Always test your marketing postcards to see which techniques work best. Use different types and designs of postcards, send mails on different days of the week, include different types of messages and test whatever else you think might work with the group of people you are targeting and see which postcards have higher response rates than others. Once you find which combination of techniques work best, use this to your advantage. Since postcards are a cheaper way to market,  you will have a lot of room to experiment and find what works.

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